Waverley TBS
£150k, £1.1 million, £240k
Time Scale:
17 weeks and 13 weeks

This work involved three separate projects. Following the devastating explosion at Hemel Hempstead on 12th December 2005, we were required to make the building safe to allow removal and distribution of £12 million worth of wines and spirits for Christmas.

The project involved intensive labour operations to remove debris, installation of temporary lighting and repairs to loading docks. Following the loss of this major distribution centre, MB Construction fitted out an alternative warehouse in Hemel Hempstead. This involved a complete lighting, security and IT installation, fit out and partitioning of warehouse offices, provision of full catering facility, showers, toilets and locker rooms.

After demolition and rebuilding of the damaged distribution centre, we carried out a dilapidations contract to return the building to a pristine condition for reletting. Services included redecoration, cleaning, floor repairs and new floor coverings valued at £240k.